Philippe is a French leading composer and producer.

Since the late 70’s, he works as a musician, composer, arranger and sound engineer for radio stations, videos productions, studio sessions, multimedia, movies and live shows.

In the early 2K’s, he surrounds himself with talented artists coming from different horizons and different cultures to create SHANGRI-LA DREAM, a musical concept inspired by James Hilton’s « Lost Horizon ».

With this artistic concept, his music comes to life, the sweet and sour cocktail breaks the borders of language and becomes a universal message of Brotherhood.

1977 : The story begins

1978-2001 : So many bands, gigs, studio sessions, cruises and travels !

2002 : This is the birth of SHANGRI-LA DREAM !

2007 : First SLD’s release ! UTOPIA « the demo » CD is out ! (some critics here)

2011 : OST for Thierry Sarraute Denjean‘s Short «  Une Mouche Qui Vole « 

2011 : Collaboration with Rachid Casta for the single «  Visa « 

2013 : OST for Thierry Sarraute Denjean‘s Short «  La Femme De Ma Vie « 

2014 : UTOPIA « the 4CDs complete concept » is finally out !

2015 :  The OST for HELIOPOLIS  (the show) is released.

2020 : GROOVIN MOODS is out on February + Work on SHANGRI-LA, and musics for movies.

2021 : Work on musics for movies.